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Our KapiK1 (K1) guides are world-class explorers and adventurers who are eager to share their passion for the outdoors with you. With no stone unturned, the K1 extended team includes coaches, trainers, and nutrition experts to ensure you are well prepared for the adventure of a lifetime.
Our team doesn't end there. On the ground, we also have local experts and friends from the regions we visit. Collectively our team has completed many "world first" crossings, and travelled extensively to the furthest reaches of the planet. From the driest and hottest deserts on earth, to the most inhospitable Arctic extremes, our team has been there. Every KapiK1 Expedition is inspired from the experiences and expeditions of our team.
We look forward to dreaming of adventures together in the future.


KapiK1 Expedition Co. Co-Founder Ray Zahab

Ray Zahab - KapiK1 Co-Founder and Guide

Ray Zahab is a Canadian Adventurer, ultra distance runner and Founder of non-profit impossible2Possible. A recent recipient of the Meritorious Service Cross of Canada, Ray is an Explorer in Residence of the Royal Canadian Geographic Society, and Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. In 2015 Canadian Geographic recognized Ray as one of Canada’s Top Explorers. He has ran 17,000+km across the world’s deserts, and unsupported expeditions in some of the coldest places on the planet.

After completing a 111 day, 7500km run across the Sahara Desert in 2007, Ray decided to leverage his future adventures to support impossible2Possible (i2P), an organization he founded that inspires and educates youth through adventure learning, inclusion and participation in expeditions, using virtual technology. National Geographic tracked the Sahara expedition by web, as well as the documentary film "Running The Sahara", was produced by Matt Damon, in an effort to raise awareness for the drinking water crisis in North Africa. 

Ray is founder of adventure based guiding organization, KapiK1 and is passionate about sharing his experience and lessons learned on adventures all over the globe.

KapiK1 Expedition Co-Founder and Guide Stefano Gregoretti

Stefano Gregoretti - KapiK1 Co-Founder and Guide

Stefano has been passionate about endurance sports since he was a child, growing up playing in the Italian Alps. An accomplished climber, endurance athlete and skier, Stefano developed an early passion for ski mountaineering in the Dolomites. Since those early days, Stefano has gone on to complete multiple Iron Man competitions in Europe and the United States, and top finishes in ultramarathons all over the world.

Stefano founded the European branch of non-profit impossible2Possible in 2012, and has guided many Italian i2P Youth Ambassadors on learning based adventures of their own.

In 2014, Stefano completed a winter crossing of Baffin Island with Ray Zahab, and since that expedition, they have completed multiple projects together, including - 1,000km run across the Patagonian Desert, an unsupported fat bike across the Arctic Ocean and Baffin in winter, 1,850km run from south to north across Namibia, in summer, and multiple other Arctic projects.

KapiK1 Expedition Guide, Bob Cox

Bob Cox - KapiK1 Co-Founder and Guide

In 2008, Bob and Ray co-founded impossible2Possible, a non-profit delivering life-changing, educational programming to students all over the world. As executive director he leads all aspects of business enrichment, marketing and social media strategies, sponsor/partner recruitment & retention, program development, merchandise production/sales, and strategic growth. He plans and executes multi-faceted educational projects, leading teams of 20-30 people to some of the most remote places on the planet.

Over the last 10 years Bob has acted as Ray Zahab’s logistical leader for world class expeditions spanning the globe. The duo have worked together on multiple expeditions in areas such as; the South Pole, the Arctic, Lake Baikal, the Atacama, The Gobi, The Namib, and Death Valley Deserts. They have also crossed South America and more. Along with logistics, Bob has over a decade of experience creating and implementing successful sponsorship/marketing campaigns with Fortune 500, mid-size, and grassroots partners such as; Transamerica Financial, Apple, Gatorade, Canada Goose, Oakley, Rogers Communications, The North Face, Osprey, Nathan, Iridium, Air Canada, digigone, Aeroplan, Tribe Medical Group, INOV8, and more. In 2006 he earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science with an emphasis on Public Policy from California State University, Northridge.

KapiK1 Expedition Co. Guide Valerie Gagne

Valérie Gagne - KapiK1 Guide

Valérie has been an athlete all her life, competing in cross-country skiing and rowing internationally. Valérie has guided expeditions in the Canadian Rockies, running tours in the Sierra Norte mountains of Mexico, canoe and hiking expeditions in the Quebec wilderness and cross-country skiing expeditions in the Arctic for various non-profits organizations, and for renowned adventure companies including National Geographic.

Valérie graduated from the University of Montreal as a Physical Education and Health teacher in 2017. She has since turned her eyes to the skies in search of a new challenge as an air traffic controller and ensures the safe, orderly and expeditious flow of traffic at the Quebec City airport.

Valérie was an i2P Youth Ambassador on the 2014 impossible2Possible Atacama expedition and experienced first hand how mental toughness, resiliency and team work are key ingredients in defying personal limitations. After this life changing experience, Valérie has gone on to compete in many ultramarathons including the Mauna2Mauna stage race in Hawaii.

KapiK1 Expedition Co. Guide, Jen Segger

Jen Segger - KapiK1 Guide

Jen is a Canadian adventure athlete and long time ultra distance competitor. Jen got started in the world of endurance sports at the young age of 20 and has been actively competing and exploring ever since. As a globally sought after endurance coach, Jen gets to spread her passion for challenge and self discovery to athletes around the world. Jen is fortunate to call Squamish, BC her home but adventures take her everywhere. Now as a Mom, Jen strives to find the important balance between time with her family and showing her son a life without parameters and still making space for personal goals and development through adventure. Jen has competed as an elite adventure racer, ultra runner and mountain biker. She continues her passion for adventure on expeditions all over the world.

Jen met Ray Zahab back in 2005 at the Marathon Des Sables foot race in Morocco and it was an instant friendship. Since then, Jen and Ray have embarked on many incredible adventures together including the first fat bike crossing of the Arctic's Akshakyuk Pass along with Steffano Gregoretti. Jen is an ambassador for i2P and enjoys facilitating others in pursuit of their own growth.

KapiK1 Expedition Co. Marketing, Nicole MacDonald

nicole macdonald - Kapik1 marketing and outreach

Running has been one of Nicole's all time favourite activities since she was a child. Being the youngest of 5 kids, home life was a busy place. Running was an opportunity to enjoy some alone time by exploring the outdoors and enduring natures beauty.

With a love for travel, running has been a great way to discover new places (even when its in your own backyard). She has been a repeat volunteer for 3beavers Racing and in 2019 the Grand2Grand Ultra. Practicing and teaching yoga also plays a big part of her life (#kreativelotuswithnicole).  

Nicole met Ray Zahab back in 2008 and was intrigued by his love for expeditions through the most beautiful and remote places on earth. With a background in Marketing she has been assisting Ray with outreach support, social media needs, consulting, graphics and web design. Nicole is excited to help bring these once in a lifetime expeditions to you with some of the world's most experienced adventurers. 

KapiK1 Expedition Co. Marketing Hanna Elkington

Hanna Elkington - KapiK1 Marketing and Outreach

Born in South Africa Hannah Elkington has always possessed a keen sense of adventure and a passion for the outdoors. In 2012 Hannah was an  Impossible2Possible (I2P) Youth Ambassador for Expedition Botswana. After the expedition she remained actively involved with I2P and in 2014 travelled to Peru as a part of the expedition logistics and media team. In 2015 Hannah again joined the team for I2P Expedition Greece, taking on a logistics and mentorship role. 

Hannah’s passion for pushing limits and building her personal capacity led her to a career in policing where currently serves as a frontline police constable. Hannah is also a member of the Public Safety Unit which specializes in search and rescue and public order related incidents. 

When time allows she returns to Africa where she enjoys activities such as camping, surfing, and hiking . In 2019 Hannah spent two weeks in Subsaharan Africa working with K9 Anti-Poaching Units assisting them with training and conservation related activities. 

Finding inspiration for her life in the outdoors Hannah is passionate about sharing what she loves with others. Hannah takes a “train for you life” approach to fitness and demonstrates a relentless desire to overcome any obstacles she faces. In her endeavours Hannah strives to empower those around her to challenge their own limits and is dedicated to helping them achieve what lies beyond their impossible. 

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