Expedition Siberia

Join KapiK1 on an amazing journey across frozen Lake Baikal. This is your chance to embrace the Russian winter with world leading adventurers on this special Siberian Expedition. 
Over a course of a week you will not only run, trek, snowshoe and explore one of the most incredible places on this planet, you will learn so, so much.

Russian Winter Wonderland

In winter 2010, Ray Zahab (KapiK1 Co-Founder and Guide) and good friend Kevin Vallely ran the length of Lake Baikal, 650km (over 700 covered), in 13 days. They were totally unsupported, and shared the expedition daily with students around the world. When Ray and Kevin reached the Olkhon Island region, Ray knew he’d be back someday to explore the lake West to East, it was so spectacular.

On many of their expeditions together, Ray and fellow KapiK1 Co-Founder and Guide, Stefano Gregoretti talked about this awesome place and that it would make a perfect KapiK1 Expedition location. 

Our days are divided into specific goal oriented destinations, with each day including an experiential learning objective! In other words...lets have fun!!!!!!

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