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We create adventures for you that are unique, authentic, and based on our own experiences in the remotest deserts, jungles and cold regions of the planet. Using our vast logistical network and experience, KapiK1 Expedition Co hosts a series of expeditions that happen only once, never to be repeated. The adventure of a lifetime. Limited to group sizes of 6-10 max, plus our KapiK1 guides, make for a challenge that is both safe and not overcrowded! These expeditions are ‘real adventure’ that will challenge you, so proper preparation is key, and the team at KapiK1 will make sure you are ready, and confident, to have the best adventure possible!  

And did we mention WE LOVE COFFEE almost as much as we love adventure?!
We bring our collective love of coffee with us on every expedition and now to you in the Expedition Café

our incredible Expedition Alumni share their experience

Ray Zahab, Explorer and KapiK1 Co-Founder

Ray Zahab, Explorer and KapiK1 Co-Founder

“Some of the greatest achievements in life come from the greatest challenges we face. Join us for a limit pushing and life changing experience, one that reminds us of how we are ALL capable of the extraordinary in our lives!”

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KapiK1 founders Ray Zahab and Stefano Gregoretti in the Atacama Dessert.

Meet your KapiK1 Team

Our KapiK1 team are world-class explorers and adventurers. Our extended team includes coaches, trainers, nutrition experts, photographers and, local experts- our friends- from the regions we visit.

Collectively our team has completed many ‘world first' crossings, and travelled extensively to the furthest reaches of the world. From the driest and hottest deserts on earth, to the most inhospitable Arctic extremes, our team has been there. Every KapiK1 expedition is inspired from the experiences and expeditions of our team.

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KapiK1 adventurers take in breathtaking views both day and night. This photo captures the evening sky in the Atacama Dessert.

Breathtaking memories captured

Our expeditions will take you to the most remote and beautiful places on earth. As every day brings new adventures, our KapiK1 photographers ensure the story of your epic journey is captured from beginning to end.

Be amazed

Kapik1 is a proud supporter of impossible2possible!

KapiK1 Expeditions collects 2% of its net proceeds in support of impossible2Possible (i2P).

i2P encourages young people from all over the world to reach beyond their perceived limits, and to use adventure based learning programs to educate, inspire and empower

Your every purchase brings a select group of youth ambassadors on expeditions for FREE!

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