The Expedition Café Story


In 2006, KapiK1 Co-Founder Ray Zahab was running a 190km ultramarathon through the Libyan Desert, close to the Algerian border. He eventually worked himself into the lead, but as night gave way to day, and the sun rose over the Akakus Mountains, he stopped, took off his pack, and mixed up an instant (but drinkable) espresso...and took some time to enjoy the brew and sunrise. His first place lead paled in importance to this coffee memory. In 2007 on his 7500km run across the Sahara, and again on expeditions spanning 17,000km across Antarctica, the Arctic, and the world's Deserts...the motto became "no coffee, no expedition!" From 2008 onward, impossible2Possible and KapiK1 Co-Founder, Bob Cox supported and breathed that credo, and became instrumental in his role as logistics lead in procuring only the best fair trade beans to fulfill the daily ritual of starting ANY and ALL expeditions with several full coffee presses. KapiK1 Team Stefano Gregoretti knows this only too well, and has brought his passion for only the finest Italian espresso to the scene. On several unsupported winter expeditions across some of the coldest regions of the planet, Stefano and Ray may not speak the same language...but at coffee time, words are unimportant.

The photo you see here is of KapiK1 Co-Founder Ray Zahab, taking (of course) a coffee break, after 40km or so into his first day of a January expedition in the Canadian Arctic. On the frozen sea ice with temperatures below -45 Celsius, drinking coffee from a tiny tasted like liquid gold. Mitts were off to make sure not a single drop was spilled. Frozen hands? Who cares! The horror of losing any of that liquid gold was all too frightening!

For 15 years our team has been caffeinated by only the finest coffees we've discovered. Adventure is our passion, and coffee our true love. We now carry this passion and love forward on our KapiK1 Expeditions, and in our Expedition Café, we offer an ever growing collection of blends and roasts that are inspired from our expeditions all over the world, each with a unique taste and distinct aroma. Exceptional coffees sourced by our roaster from small-scale farmers. Whether you enjoy your coffee in your kitchen, your office, your tent, or sitting on a sled in the Arctic, the KapiK1 Expedition Café is open. For the Explorer in YOU!

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