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Our mission is to create unique, once in a lifetime expeditions to the most jaw dropping locations on Earth. Real adventure. Pushing limits. Redefining who we are. Thats what KapiK1 is all about. That’s our goal. Providing an opportunity for you to explore rarely seen, uniquely beautiful parts of the world, in an adventure that is both limit pushing and rewarding!


We love adventure. Through our own expeditions, travel, and volunteer work with impossible2Possible, our team has been fortunate to explore, learn, and share our adventures with so many of you over the years! A recurring message we receive after every expedition has been: "I want to go and experience what you do!" "Why don't you organize adventure trips modelled on your expeditions!?" KapiK1 Expedition Company is the answer to that question!

We create adventures for you that are unique, authentic, and based on our own experiences in the remotest deserts, jungles and coldest regions of the planet. Using our vast logistical network and experience, KapiK1 (in short) hosts a series of expeditions that happen only once, never to be repeated. The adventure of a lifetime. Limited to group sizes of 6-10 max, plus our KapiK1 guides, make for a challenge that is both safe and not overcrowded! These expeditions are ‘real adventure’ that will challenge you, so proper preparation is key, and the team at KapiK1 will make sure you are ready, and confident to have the best adventure possible!

And did we mention we love coffee, almost as much as we love adventure?! We bring that collective love of coffee, that every member of our KapiK1 team shares, to our Expedition Café! Check us out!

dreaming of adventures in the future together

Expedition atacama desert

Expedition Baffin Island

Expedition Death Valley


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