Expedition Bolivia Altiplano

Historically, Bolivia is known to be one of the most mineral rich countries in the world.  What’s not well-known is the plethora of mind-blowing natural beauty that will capture your heart and bring you back time and time again.  

In 2011, while researching and planning logistics for their impossible2Possible Youth Expedition Bob and Ray discovered the seemingly untouched terrain of the Bolivian altiplano.   The landscape provides a unique and diverse running terrain and an adventure you’ll never forget.  The high altitude, lunar like, rolling terrain offers endless raw sites such as classically cone shaped fairy-tale esque dormant volcanoes, salt water lagoons filled with beautiful pink flamingos, the largest and flattest expanse of salt on the planet and much more!  Salar de Uyuni, a gemstone in all of South America, is a mirror-like surface that is so flat NASA has been known to calibrate their satellites across it.  This epic scenery will serve as the kick-off for a wondrous expedition you will savor for a lifetime.

As with all KapiK1 Expeditions, if you are interested in challenging yourself, have an adventurous spirit, and are ready to experience an epically beautiful landscape, we have the journey for you. 

Your Bolivian adventure will be 9 days from touchdown to takeoff... throughout the adventure we will be trekking, running, exploring, and navigating unique routes that wind across the Bolivian altiplano.  Being a 'supported' expedition, our typical K1 professional expedition camp will be set for you each night upon arrival.  You will be served delightful and filling meals prepared by our exclusive K1 nutrition team that are designed to refuel your body after long days in the high desert.  On a nightly basis the K1 team provokes a range of discussion topics, everything from local/regional learning based conversations, to expedition focused - preparing your own training programs, nutrition, planning your own adventure, and critical gear choices.  The experience and lessons shared with all K1 clients are unlike any other expedition you’ll find in the world. 

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your journey to altiplano awaits

Explore the worlds largest salt flats nearly 12,000 feet above sea level, offering the most dramatic and distinctive views you'll ever experience.

KapiK1 Bolivia Altiplano Expedition
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